Keanu Can Always Be Found on Cable and Satellite TV

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Out of all of the top Hollywood stars, Keanu Reeves probably receives some of the most scrutiny. That is not to say that his face constantly appears in the tabloids that litter the checkout aisles of most supermarkets, it refers to the fact that no matter what role he is in, no matter who he acts with, people think of him as a bonehead.

Perhaps the source of this belief lies in Reeves' first major breakout role, "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." Now, although this cult classic about two high school airheads who travel back in time in order to pass their high school history project continues to receive high ratings when premiering on cable and satellite TV stations, people cannot seem to get past the fact that the character of Ted, played by Reeves, simply appears to be how the actor truly is in real life. Because of this, many people cannot fathom or understand why the actor is as successful as he is.

Well, whether people like him or hate him, no one can deny that Keanu Reeves is a complete Hollywood success. For someone who most people interpret as a bad actor or a complete idiot, Reeves has managed to expand his resume of movie roles into all genres of the trade, acting in both good films, bad films and Hollywood blockbusters. From such sports movies as "The Replacements," to serious dramas as "The Devil's Advocate," Keanu has carved out a name for himself in the industry, as well as held his own against such Hollywood titans as Gene Hackman and Al Pacino. Sure, his latest HD Hollywood blockbuster "The Day the Earth Stood Still" was considered a complete disgrace by film critics, but it still managed to rake in an incredible amount of box office revenue.

Additionally, with such a wide array of starring roles in action flicks, Reeves constantly entertains millions of cable and satellite TV viewers who simply desire a good old fashioned shoot 'em up or cops and robbers movie. Leading an all-star cast in the Wachowski brothers' "Matrix" trilogy, Reeves went from well known to one of the top action stars in Hollywood. Sure, the first "Matrix" film rivals the other two (although some of the fighting and car chase sequences of the second are completely and utterly amazing), but the actor's portrayal of Neo, the savior of humanity, is a role that people will always remember. Actually, almost everyone in the United States has the HD box set of all three films within their home DVD libraries.

Of course, no discussion of Reeves can skip out in probably his two most famous and successful action roles: "Speed" and "Point Break." Starring alongside Dennis Hopper and Sandra Bullock, "Speed" provided audiences with a reason to fear inner-city bus travel. As for "Point Break," no one can forget Reeves' memorable role as ex-college football quarterback turned FBI agent Johnny Utah, who goes undercover in order to catch a group of surfers who rob banks wearing the masks of former presidents. Yeah, the plot sounds stupid, but the film is an absolute action classic.

So, regardless of what people think, Reeves is here and he is here to stay. Whether people believe him to be a bonehead or one of the best actors in the last 15 years, it is guaranteed that Keanu Reeves will continue to entertain millions of Americans on both the big and little screens.

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Keanu Can Always Be Found on Cable and Satellite TV

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This article was published on 2010/04/15